About Me

Hi! My name is Heather and I’m a runaholic.

My Running Story

In January 2011 my good friend Sarah suggested we run a half marathon before we both turned the big 3-0 in September. I was in less than stellar shape, having spent most of my late 20’s spending long hours in an office and very few in the gym. I would jog here and there on the treadmill, but I had never run more than two or three miles in my life. I decided training for the half would be a good way to send my twenties out with a bang. I had also recently been diagnosed with panic attacks and knew exercise could only help that situation. So, shaky hand on mouse, I signed up for the San Diego Rock n Roll half on June 5th.

SD Rock n Roll Half

By the time I crossed the finish line I had fallen in love with running and was 100% happier and healthier than I was before I started training. I’ve done two other half marathons since and am now training for my first full marathon (with Sarah of course). I’m pretty new to running, but I can’t imagine life without it.

I live in South Orange County, CA with Brian, my boyfriend, and our yellow lab puppy, Bauer. If you couldn’t tell by all of the pictures on this blog, I’m pretty much obsessed with this dog.

My BoysMy boys are the cutest!

Besides running and spending time with my boys I love reading, spinning, hiking, chocolate, coffee, and wine. I also love writing (I think). I have a BS in Journalism, but haven’t written anything other than emails in years so am a LOT out of practice.

Why Blog?

I could literally talk about running all day long and never get sick of it. There’s only so much running talk my friends and family (most of whom are not runners) will put up with, so I started reading running and healthy living blogs to get my “fix”. I decided to start my own blog to help keep me motivated to run, and also to meet fun people who love running as much as I do. One of my weekly goals for the blog is to run in a different area each week so I can report back to you all of my adventures and fiascos. Seeing as how I’ve only ever run three routes and have no sense of direction, this will be quite a challenge for me. Should make for some interesting blogs…

Why “Running Ragged”?

Although I stay busy with work, running, cooking, cleaning, chores, and errands I’m not actually running myself ragged. Most of the time any way.

Thanks for stopping by and happy trails!