Jun 29 2012

No Gloom Here

Work out -

9 miles in 1:25

I never thought I would say this but I love June gloom. I feel like it’s nature’s little gift to So Cal runners before the mean Summer heat takes over and we have to wake up at 5 am if we hope to get a run in without risking death by heat stroke.

I took off for my run this morning just before 8 a.m. and the weather was PERFECT. The sun did start to come out 15 minutes before I was done, but I was so miserable at that point that it didn’t even matter. The route I took today is great because it’s a paved bike bath with under passes beneath cross streets, so you can run straight through without having to stop at any lights. There’s parts of the path that are really pretty (and some that are really ghetto too). It’s really a great place to run BUT (and this is a big but) it’s all gradually downhill on the way in…which means it’s gradually uphill all the way back. This is actually great for shorter runs under 6 or 7 miles, but it’s really hard on the longer runs.

4.5 miles gradually uphill with pretty much no flat or downhill mixed in = torture.

I decided to bring my ipod with me but only use it on the way back when I knew I would need the extra motivation to chug up the hills. This might be my best idea ever. I almost never take my ipod when I run outside (I’m oblivious enough as it is without music blaring in my ears) but I knew the path would be crowded/fairly safe on a Saturday morning and I didn’t have to worry about cars so I went for it.


This little guy was my savior.

Afterward I stopped and picked up my favorite post-run fuel.


I’m sure the people at Starbucks just love when I bring my sweaty beast of a self into their clean establishment every Saturday.

Now off to run errands and check out the park by our new house!

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